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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Kid Logic...

My boyfriend babysat for my kids last night so I could go to a rehearsal.

Apparently, before dinner he went into the playroom to ask "who wants to help set the table?" Shockingly, no one jumped to help.

After he set up and called them to dinner, he mentioned to them "You know...if someone had come to help me, they might have gotten a special treat."

Livi, said "You didn't tell us! That's not fair!"

"Of course I didn't." Scott said. "The point is that if you do something nice, maybe someone will do something nice for you."

Livi thought long and hard about this.

At bedtime, she approached Scott with 2 pictures. One of a smiley face and one of a frowny face. She said "You're going to jail if you get the sad face. You get a happy Livi if you get the smiley face. Which one do you think you're going to get?"

He said "The smiley face."



"If you don't do something nice for someone...someone isn't going to be nice to you."

I guess the knife cuts both ways.

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