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Sunday, August 23, 2009

Boo Boo Magnet

Last October, my son got hit in the face with a dog. You heard me. The dog didn't bite him, it didn't growl, there wasn't any attack of any kind. Ben was just sitting there petting the dog, the dog was loving it, and then the dog (a bull-dog with sharp protruding lower teeth) JUMPED up (apparently there was a donut was involved) and his teeth rammed into Ben's face ripping gaping holes in his upper lip and bottom opposite side lip. A trip to the ER and 25 stitches later, he was regaling his kindergarten friends with stories of his valor.

Now, this might seem weird to you if you didn't know Ben. But my son is a disaster magnet.

We go to petting zoos and he gets chased by goats. We took him to Underwood farms and a Turkey pecked him in the forehead. If there's a toothpick on the floor, he'll trip on it; a glass to knock over, he'll nail it; an edge of a chair, he'll fall off it.

I'm exhausted from trying to save him from himself!

Today, he got nipped at by my sister's dog. The dog just didn't like his vibe at the moment and decided to send a message. Boy was I pissed at that dog - Ben was totally innocent!

I gathered my boy into my arms against his will. He was like "Mom, I'm fine. I'm okay." Ben's eyes were rimmed in tears he was fighting so hard to hold back. My little man. "It's okay to cry, honey." I told him.

Ben's response "It's okay mommy...I'm used to it."

My poor boy. Even he knows it.

Maybe he'll grow out of it. But for now, I'm considering a helmet and body armor. Would it be wrong to stuff his clothes with Cottonelle?

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  1. I think my Bella is Ben's accident-magnet-twin! Our dog jumped up and rammed her snout into my daughters lips/mouth and left B with a huge bruised gum. Her tooth (thank God it was a baby tooth) eventually fell out because of the injury.


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