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Thursday, August 27, 2009

A Fairytale Morning...

This morning I awoke to birds on my bed. It was like something out of a disney movie, only they didn't try to dress me.

My kids learned how to make origami birds with their babysitter yesterday and they must have been incredibly busy because there were like a hundred of them. I thought it was so sweet I didn't even yell at them for waking me up.

Then we made pancakes (the shake and pour kind...they liked them just as much as pancake puffs (see "Pancake Puffs" entry if you have no idea what I'm talking about)) and we all sat together at the table for breakfast without any screaming, yelling or kicking anyone. They told jokes, we hugged, we kissed, we played with our food and no one got hurt.

Okay, maybe the birds didn't sing me a "happy little working song", but for me, this morning was a fairytale.


  1. That sounds pretty great to me!!

  2. I laughed because Big Sis watches Cinderella Sounds like an awesome morning!!

  3. Hi Sarah, So glad you stopped into my blog.I love your take on being a mom. I have twin nephews age 16 with Asperger's, It's not easy. My two are Touretter's so never a Dull moment in our house! LOL...I'm so glad to have a blog to read with some humor about being a mom. Can't wait to stop in again, Jamie

  4. Hi Sarah - Sounds like a NICE morning.

    My morning begins with at 6 am with screaming kids, two hungry cats, a dog who farts, and a husband who can barley make toast.

    Like your blog, funny! Just found you at MBC and am following you now. Please take a look at mine if you have a minute...

  5. Cute! Too bad the birdies didn't dress you. I have always longed for birdies and cute mice (of course, dressed in little vests and aprons) to clean my house and make my clothes...Visiting from MBC


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