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Sunday, August 16, 2009

Look What I Made!

So the twins were busy with Legos this morning while I slept in. They came running into my room yelling over each other "Look what I made," "Look what I made!" Ben had a Lego car and Livi had some kind of Lego crocodile. They kept shoving them in my sleepy face yelling "Maaaaaa....Look what I made! Maaaaaaaaaaaaaa....Look what I made!"

So I turned over to both of them, grabbed their little faces and said "Look what I MADE!"

Mommy wins.


  1. Hey, there! Glad you found my blog... I can't wait to have a little time to read thru yours - looks great! I have a (long distance!) friend who's son was just diagnosed with autism and I've been trying to be there for her, just as support... looks like you have some great info/advice - look fwd to getting to know you. :)

  2. OH, good..I thought you were going to say that you slapped their faces and told them "Don't wake up mommy!"

    and yes, my dear. Mom is always the winner.


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