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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Me Booty...

So, I hear from across the house "Mom?! MOM??? (I usually wait for three calls of "MOM?!" before I encourages them to figure whatever it is they're trying to do out on their own...or maybe I just like to annoy them.)

On the 3rd "MOOOOM?!" I finally answered. "YEAH?!"

"WIPE ME BOOTY!" my little girl yelled out, muffled by the bathroom door.

My little Pirate pooper.


  1. THAT is hilarious. Did she say "Arrrrr!" when you were done?! Gotta love the stuff kids say.

    Thanks for your comment on the job interview post -- the whole thing is still so funny/surreal (I mean SERIOUSLY, who LAUGHS?! :) )! And don't worry, I sent him the thank you note to end all thank you notes!

  2. Ha ha! I got a little chuckle reading that!

    I'm following you from MBC! :)

    I'm running some great giveaways on my blog right now (baby/toddler shoes and a $20 credit to a home office furniture and accessory store)

  3. LOL!!! I do the same thing waiting for the third "muuummmyy" or if they are trying to find me around the house I wait until they do until I respond.


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