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Monday, August 24, 2009

A New Milestone

My daughter has learned to answer the phone. This is very good news. Every time my kids learn to do something new for themselves, I am filled with pride as they move further towards complete self-sufficiency. Every skill adding to their usefulness in our home.

I think about all the freedom this new skill will bring. If I'm in the shower and the phone rings I can yell "Izzy, can you get that?" If I'm in bed with a headache and don't want to talk to anyone I can mumble "Izzy...will you get that?" If I'm outside and she's not, she can answer the phone without me having to race inside potentially tripping over the obstacle course of shoes and toys that dot our floors.

This morning, I was making pancakes (no, NOT pancake puffs...the old-fashioned kind and it did go over just as well...). I was wrist deep in blueberries and batter when the phone rang. I peeked over to check the ID and see who was calling. It was a telemarketer.

Izzy said "I'll get it!"

I said "don't bother, it's a telemarketer." The phone continued to ring.

"You mean one of those annoying people who always call and try to get you to buy their stuff?"


She picked up the phone and said in a bad mock English accent "Oh, hellloooooo??"

Someone must have responded because she was snickering quietly and listening.

Then she yelled "Lady, get a life!" into the phone and hung up.

Yup. This new skill will indeed be useful. And I am proud.

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