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Sunday, August 2, 2009

Opening Night

Last night was opening night for our show "Expressing Motherhood" at the Electric Lodge.

Yesterday morning I leapt uncharacteristically (as opposed to my more usual "ooze") out of bed. I immediately took off my pajamas (which often stay on for hours as I make lunches, unload the dishwasher, and take advantage of the carpool "drop off" lane at school) and put on what felt like something an infinitely cooler person might wear. I handed off my children to my babysitter so I could spend the day practicing, priming and primping for the big show. After all, it was "Opening Night". I was going to be free of my motherly duties, free of my responsiblities, and free to drink...well...freely. I was a fabulous child-freespirit!

Finally, at 6pm I left for the theatre...where I put on my pajamas back on. They were my costume for my sketch. I couldn't help but note the irony. Just another mom in pajamas...again.

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