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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

You can lead the boy to the playroom...

My daughter wanted to play with her brother today.  Not because she likes him...she doesn't. (okay, maybe she does, but she just doesn't know it yet).

The reason she so eagerly pursued her twin was because I had decided to put an end to all electronic activities in the afternoons after school.  No TV, no Wii and no Club Penguin.  I thought, they should "interact", "build a bond","play."  Boy, were they mad. 

"But MOOooooooommm...there's nothing to do!" and they gave me their most pathetic gazes as I stood at the kitchen counter breading chicken cutlets for dinner.

"Go play." 

They stared at me.

"...With each other!"  I added and motioned between the two of them with an eggy crumby finger in case they needed a visual to understand, which clearly they did.

"Alright.  Come on, Ben, let's go play house."

"I don't want to play house."

"I played Super Smash Mario Cart Brothers the last time you asked!"

"Fiiiiiiiiiine-a." he said with an extra "a" sound to emphasize his annoyance.

Livi smiled. "Okay.  I'm the mommy. What are you?"


Well, you can't say I didn't lead the horse to water.


  1. Funny Stuff, Sarah! Just put a link to your blog on mine,
    Hope all is good! Look forward to more humor from you.
    Your fellow WLAPOM member, Holly

  2. Funny!!!!

    I awarded you a blog award!

  3. for some reason your recent posts are coming up on my reader but arent coming up when I click on your blog. Is anyone else having this problem??? or have you BLOCKED me ;)

  4. lol to cute:-) I am following you from MBC Follow Me Club 2...

  5. Sarah, thanks so much for the laugh tonight! Please stop by my site-I want to give you an award.

  6. totally kidding about you blocking me :) But nah still not working.


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