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Thursday, October 1, 2009

Calling the Tooth Fairy...again...

Crap.  Livi lost the other tooth today on a playdate at Baskin Robbins.  (that's the's white chickletiness contrasting against the pink in the letter "B").

She proudly handed me the drool and mint chocolate chip ice cream covered tooth and I carried it home in my pinched thumb and forefinger and Hell-bent on NOT forgetting about it...this time.   I was momentarily distracted  by the newly decorated windows at Neiman's, but I made it home safely and put the tooth into the silk pouch from last week.

All I've been thinking about since this afternoon is "don't forget the tooth, don't forget the tooth, don't forget the tooth..."

I  canceled a reflexology massage because I was afraid that in my relaxed state I might come home, pass out, and completely let go of all thoughts "tooth" related.

So far, so good...Now if I could only find a $1...


  1. I HAVE forgotten the tooth fairy duty before and it is not a fun feeling to wake up, panic and come up with some crazy story about how the tooth fairy got confused and left the money in MY room!

    Love your blog and have an award for you on mine.

  2. It's a lot of pressure! Coordinating all of the fairies, and bunnies, and fat little elves is hard, hard work!


    Hope it all worked out~

    Lisa @
    All That and a Box of Rocks

  3. that kid is pulling her teeth out ya know...
    thank God there is no menstruation fairy
    could you image having to put a tampon under pillow every month?
    talk about pricey

  4. Did you remember Sarah? I publicly told the world on my blog that I think you jinxed me in the tooth fairy business.

    I have been really good about remembering (almost smug about how well I was doing-my son lost his two front teeth within days of each other and I was on the ball!), then my daughter lost one of her bottom teeth a few nights ago.

    Her tooth was pretty bloody (yuck!). I told her to put the tooth in an envelope (remember, the tooth fairy has bad eyesight)and it was so disgusting that I took it out and put it in water on my nightstand so I wouldn't forget. Well... She came in my room the next morning while I getting ready for work and saw the glass. She looked at me and bluntly asked if I was the tooth fairy. I fessed up, but told her that it was a parents job to make a child's milestones magical, and that when she had kids, she would continue the tradition.

    She liked this explanation but also seemed disappointed so I gave her a bracelet to represent her "graduation" into this new adult club. That went over better. She held out for the goods? Hmm... :)

  5. The tooth fairy has forgotten to visit several times in our house (I have 3 kids). The notes the Tooth Fairy has left (admitting her mistake and leaving a little something extra)are more valuable to my kids than the darn money was. In fact, the oldest bemoans the fact that the Tooth Fairy never forgot him because he doesn't have notes like the other two! He's 12 and knows it's us.


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