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Friday, October 16, 2009

Genitalia Rex

Sorry everyone for slackin'...

I've been working on delivering my book proposal to my agent and finishing up some articles for and, so I haven't posted anything new here (duh...obviously).

So, with that in mind, as a thank you for your patience and your continued support, I'm going to give you a sneak peak at my article about funny names for genetalia that's going to be running on next week. :)  Enjoy!


Genitalia is funny. 

And it can be the dinosaur in the room when we have to talk about it, especially when it’s our own kids’ genitalia.  But while there are arguments for the proper usage of terminology (i.e. safety, psychological impact, body image, etc…), we just can’t seem to help ourselves from coming up with silly nicknames for their relevant body parts whether we’re relieving diaper rash, wiping a poopy bottom or pointing our little boys in the direction of the toilet bowl.

Here are some of the funniest we’ve heard:
1.      1.      Hoohah & the Tally wacker
2.     Woo & the big Stick
3.     Tulip & the Clicker
4.     Scootie & People doodle
5.     Suzie & Bug
6.     Under carriage & Johnson
7.     Cooties & Peanut
8.     Pudge & Mr. Who-dilly
9.     Biscuit & Winkie
10.  Carrot & Mountain
11.  Nina & Weenis
12.  Dangly Bits & Mr. Winkie
13.  Tu-tus & Pee-tails
14.  Pek-pek & Ti-ti  
15.  Hootey hoo & Nay-Nay
16.  Pickle & Pookie
17.   Pot-pot-potties & Pee-pee
18.  Willy & Foo- Fi
19.  Indoor & Outdoor plumbing
20.  And finally, my personal favorites: J-J & Penisaurus Rex

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