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Wednesday, October 7, 2009

My Daughter Hates Me...Got any good jokes?

That's right.  She's sobbing in her room right now.  And thumping.  And inconsolable.

She's been way too mean to her brother and sister for weeks and I finally put my foot down and took the computer out of her room.

I heard someone say "I hate mommy" and for the first time in my life, they were talking about me.

I'm heartbroken.  Too heartbroken to write.

Besides, it's against the rules of my blog to write anything sad on Mommy Lite.

So, I'm asking you have a good story about disciplining your children that might make me laugh?  I could use it right now.


  1. no sorry. but 2 of mine were yelling that same thing to me yesterday morning. They sure have a fine way of making us feel right poos

  2. I was getting into with my teen I stopped at what just came out off my mouth, it wasn't me, it was my mother. She stopped and looked at me to say "what's wrong? You ok?"
    I looked at her and said "Oh my gawd when did your grandmother get here?" It really freaked me out and she could tell. She stopped fighting me and did what I asked her too....

  3. Ohhhh, the 'I hate you' moment. I remember when I *said* that to my mom. It didn't go over well :) I'd share some funny stories about disciplining the dogs, but it usually goes something like this: The dogs do something they're not supposed to, say, jump up on the couch...and snuggle up next to us looking ridiculously adorable. We look at them, at each other, decide to be strong, and then weakly push them off. Repeat a few more times, and the evening ends with all of us piled on the couch, and Mr. Perfect telling the dogs they're lucky they're so cute. Doesn't bode well for children...perhaps they'll be homely, and thus well-behaved. :)


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