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Thursday, April 26, 2012

Playing Catch

I haven't had a chance to post about all the stuff that's been going on here lately - and oh boy...they're worthy of posts...did I mention the black eye?

Well, I thought until the dust settles a bit it (and the restraining order kicks in) it would be fun to go through my archives and find some of my favorites from when I started this blog back in 2009.

It is SO WEIRD to read these and remember how little my kids were.  I am so happy I have this blog so I can remember it all.  (Even the stuff I thought I would never want to remember.)

Playing Catch

I played catch with my daughter this weekend.

A game of mother/daughter "catch", I've discovered, is nothing at all like the game of catch I've seen between father and son.

Here's how father/son catch goes:
  • Son stands a good distance away from father.  A beautiful field of fresh cut green between them.
  • Father tosses hard baseball (a ball the father bought the son for his 2nd birthday) in a tight fast fashion to his son who stands a good distance away...
  • Son catches the ball with a solid "Thwap" to his glove (yes...he's equipped with a glove).
  • Father smiles with pride.
  • Son pitches ball back to father who catches the ball with another solid "Thwap" followed by confirmation of his skills with "Good one, son!"

Here's Mother/Daughter catch:

I purchase a small rubber playground ball at the toystore before our trip to the park.  It is bright green, rubbery soft and has small blue animal footprints on it.

  • We stand about 10 feet from each other.
  • I toss the ball underhand to my daughter who flinches and it bounces off her hands and rolls back in my direction.  I run to catch it.
  • I throw the ball again and she catches it and holds it aloft saying "I got it! Look!"
  • "Great Honey, I reply.  Good job!"
  • She tosses the green rubber ball back to me and it flies over my head downfield (which unfortunately for me, also means down hill since the field is on an angle...this is not Beverly Hills.)
  • I run.  The two  guys next to me (a teenage son and father) laugh at me as I continue to chase the rubber ball which eludes  my grasp over and over again, continuing to roll downhill.  I am grateful for the blue footprint design so I can track the tiny rolling moose footprints.
  • We toss the ball a few times successfully to each other.  We get cocky.
  • I decide we're ready to step it up a bit, and besides...I didn't feel like I was really "nailing it", so I do a "wind-up" thingy like you see in Baseball and "pitch the ball to my daughter and her waiting arms.  I pelt her on the cheek and she cries.
  • We stop for a "consolation break."
  • She recovers and we reestablish our positions on the field.
  • I decide to go light and toss the ball underhand.
  • The ball gets stuck in the tree overhead.
  • I have to ask the father and son next to us to use their expertise to use THEIR ball to help dislodge OUR ball from the pine tree.
  • We root for them.
  • They succeed.
  • We get the ball back and decide we might do better if we got really close to each other.  We stand about 2 feet apart.
  • I try to use this experience to "toughen" her up with a game of "don't flinch".
  • We throw the ball back and forth really fast and try not to blink.  
Yes, Mother/Daughter catch is an exciting game for sure.  Next time I think I'll bring a bigger ball.  Yeah...that's the problem...we need a bigger ball.

Originally published on on 10/21/09


  1. Brilliant! This is also known as boyfriend/girlfriend catch with a football when trying to impress in those heady dating days when you thought you would always sleep naked together! Pah! Love it and am all about Mommy Lite!

  2. Sounds just like me and my daughter vs my husband and sons! Love your humor!

  3. I have an award for you! Come by my blog to pick it up!

  4. maybe jump rope is your thing?

  5. Well, I only know the boy world. I have three boys, ages 4 to 8 mos. old. If we would have had a girl, I wonder if we would have just treated her as a boy. Nature vs. nurture. But, I think it is mostly nature. Boys just are boys....everything is a gun, everything is a little rough and violent.....things die, but then they always come back to life!

  6. My daughter hasn't gotten the catching part completely down but she sure can hit a ball!

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    Please visit me over at when you have a minute. You'll like my blog'll be sure you've seen it somewhere before.

  7. we are working on that catching part as well.

    visiting from mbc follow club... I hope you can follow my blog too.

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