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Sunday, October 11, 2009

That F@#king Fairy!

Ben lost his tooth yesterday, and if you've followed this blog for even a week you would already anticipate what I'm about to say...

I forgot...AGAIN!

No, I didn't do this for drama.  I didn't just not do it so I'd have something to write about.  I seriously went to bed and didn't get up until the next morning when the kids were already watching television.

Now, if this were Livi, there'd be all kinds of trouble here.  But it's not.  It's Ben.  And he's as flakey as I am.  In fact, luckily, Ben seems to have forgotten about the tooth under his pillow altogether.  I snuck the dollar bill in right after breakfast (after mouthing to my boyfriend "Oh My God! I forgot the tooth!" and pointed at my lower front tooth behind Ben's head.  Scott's jaw dropped to the floor as he realized what I was mouthing and at the sudden realization that he was dating such a total idiot.

It's 11:00am right now and Ben still hasn't mentioned anything about the tooth.  What a flake. 

Looks like the tooth doesn't fall far from the fairy.


  1. At least with Ben you will always have extra time. LOL!!!

  2. now what happens when he remembers his sister got $10 for her tooth?..Lol

  3. I have loved reading the whole tooth fairy saga. When my son lost his first tooth, at seven, he had a fit and said he did NOT want the tooth fairy to take it away and no money was enough to compensate for the loss of his precious tooth. I helped him write a note explaining this to the tooth fairy. She left a lovely note in some dainty fairy-like font, smudged with fairy dust (aka eye shadow) saying she only took teeth from children who wanted the money and wouldn't dream of taking his tooth away. He's lost 3 more teeth since then and the fairy just knows to stay away -- so easy. But I know that when my little one looses her first tooth she'll have totally different expectations and the fairy will have to stop passing over our house. Let's hope I don't forget!

  4. Sweet! Saved by the flaky kid! :) And, to your credit, you *did* remember *right* after you woke up...things are looking up! haha


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