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Monday, January 25, 2010

BEFORE YOU READ - VOTE FOR ME - Top Mommy Blog!!!!!

I've been nominated on (A HUGE parenting website) as a top 50 Mommy Blogger!!!

BEFORE you read my NEW POSTS below, PLEASE take FIVE SECONDS to vote for my blog.  It's EASY and you DON'T NEED TO REGISTER or give ANY INFO!!!!!

Just click: THEN type "Mommy Lite" into your "FINDER" (cntrl + f) OR (command + f).

Then JUST click "I like this blog" next to my blog name and "POOF!" You will have helped my children go to college!

Leave me a comment if you vote and I'd be happy to link over to you in my thank you note to you!!!

Wish me luck!  I could REALLY use this!


  1. I voted! Good luck!

    Christina Simon
    A blog for parents applying to private elementary school in Los Angeles

  2. OK OK! I voted! :)



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