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Monday, January 18, 2010

Closing Night

Last night was closing night for "Expressing Motherhood".

Some people will remember the show as 6 nights of 15 monologues expressing the many different facets of motherhood.

But me?

I'll remember it as:
4 sold out shows, 1 standing ovation, 4 pregnant bellies,
1 birthday cake, 6 bottles of wine (...2 bottles of breastmilk), 1 huge bowl of popcorn, 4 boxes of chocolate, 15 tabloid magazines, 2 calls for lines, 1,000 bouts of laughter, and 15 remarkable women.

I am a better person for having shared this experience with you guys.  Thanks for playing with me.


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  1. I'm pretty sure that's what I'll remember as well...

  2. I like my look of shock and horror in the background.

    It was fun. Quiet. Insanely QUIET backstage. But most definitely fun.

  3. Ahhhh getting drunk backstage. What a treat for me and my pregnant self. I agree 100 percent with you Sarah, I am a better person for having shared this experience with you! xo

  4. Love it...but I'll also remember that moment of feeling blank, what?, what did I say? what did I sing? My brain is full of play doe! Rock on Mamas you are all awesome!


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