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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

No More Pull-Ups?

If you've read Mommy Lite more than once, I bet you saw the title of this blog and wondered, "aren't her little one's 6?"

The answer is "yes."  And we were still in nighttime pull-ups til last night.

My oldest was out of pull-ups by the time she was 5.  She had dry pull-ups for about a week, I said "Want to sleep in big-girl underwear?!" and we never looked back.  There was the occasional accident, but for the most part, it was a success.

It wasn't so easy with the twins.  My son wakes up every morning with a loaded pull-up and my daughter slept too soundly to wake up.  I kept waiting for Ben to show signs that his body was ready.  Ben was born with an "unspecified neurological disorder" that affects how he interprets the signals from his body.  You wouldn't notice this immediately upon meeting him, but after being with us for a bit you might feel compelled to say "Um, Sarah, your son is a total klutz."  I would reply, "I know."

I thought he might need more time, but by God, he's almost 7!  I wondered if I was going too soft on him.  Sometimes, when you have a kid with a "difficulty" you give them too much leeway - leeway they don't really need, and we stand in their way.

As for Livi, she snoozes like she's in a "Sleeping Beauty" coma.  You can poke, prod and shake and she'll just give you a honkin' snore in response.  Her adnoids are huge.

I've been making excuses for them for the past two years.  But maybe it's my fault.  Maybe I'm overwhelmed by the insurmountable task of possibly having to change  sheets on TWO beds in the middle of the night.  Or maybe I have an intense fear of having to be up every couple of hours to take TWO kids to the bathroom (I do love my sleep...).  Maybe I'm just lazy.  The truth is, it's probably a combination of all three.

But last night, with my nanny, my boyfriend, and all of polite society nudging me ever so nicely to "get them the h*ll out of pull-ups before they go to college!" I bit the bullet and they went to bed in underwear.  They were excited and dehydrated (I just "cut off" their water after dinner time), so I was thinking we could have success.

This morning...TA-DA!  Livi was totally dry! 

Ben ALMOST made it all night.  He was close but, according to him,  "When I woke up, pee just flew out of my weenis!"

Do you think Huggies makes a cork for that?

So close...and yet so far.

1 comment:

  1. LOL!

    My daughter had just started wearing underwear at night, but I still had the stack of pullups in her room. I went into her in the AM and there was a pullups with poop in it laying on the floor.

    She said she had to go at night and went in them and then took them off and put back on her underwear!


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