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Saturday, January 23, 2010

Rain, Rain Go Away...

It's been raining.  A lot.

This wouldn't be news except for the fact that in Los Angeles this is a big deal.

I grew up on the East Coast where rain is as normal as sunshine.   If it rains, you put on a rain coat, grab an umbrella, drive the kids to school and go about your day.  Business as usual.

Not so in L.A.

In L.A., you dig out the raincoat you never wear (if you have one at all), you pull on your UGGs (which will no doubt get soaked to the core - but you'll be surprised by this because you actually think these count as rain boots), and you may or may not have an umbrella (this is dependent on whether or not you belong to a Golf Club or have ever gotten one as "swag."

My son's rain boots are no where to be found.  I looked in three different shoe stores to find rain boots for him (they don't keep them well-stocked here) and spent good money on those boots knowing he'd only wear them briefly.  Darn.  So instead, he's gone to school every day this week in alternating damp sneakers. 

You wrap your kids up in the most rain resistant gear you can find (anything made with nylon or polyester qualifies in LA) and layer them up in sweatshirts for warmth.  They balk.  I tell mine "When I grew up in Philadelphia we..." I'd go on, but they've already tuned out.  They'd never survive an East Coast winter. 

Once you get the kids "ready," you run to your car like you're going to melt and drive 5 miles an hour because of the "heavy weather conditions."  You silently curse your children for getting the inside of your freshly cleaned car dirty.

The roads will be flooded.  Not because it's raining hard.  But because the people who built this city apparently never considered the possibility of rain.  The drains overflow, your gutters are gushing, and everybody complains about the awful weather, even though it's the only rain you've seen all year.

The "pretty" people hide inside, and the businesses are abandoned.  No one goes out in the rain.  Not even to buy milk.

Even the schools are deeply affected. 

A friend posted on Facebook that her kids are off from school due to a "Rain Day."  You heard me.  A "Rain" Day."  I asked her if her expensive private school is going to reimburse her for the time lost. Apparently other parents have asked this too.  They won't.

GRATEFULLY, this morning we woke up to our first day of sunshine in a week!  The kids padded outside to the playroom to play Wii ( have to go outside to get the playroom - hence it's been unused all week). 
Ahh...sweet sunshine!  I consider going for a walk. 

I go to the shoe basket to get my running sneakers and find Ben's boots.

By the time it rains again, he'll have outgrown them.

Next year, I'll just buy him more sneakers.

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  1. You just got a vote at thanks for making me laugh!


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