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Thursday, February 18, 2010

ABC News Called Again

I got a call from ABC News Now to be a guest again on "Moms Get Real with Ju Ju Chang."

I tried to sound blase about the invitation, but I fear I tipped my hand when I said "REALLY? ME?!  When do you want me?  Where should I go?   What do you need from me?  Can I give you some money?"

The topic? "Are We Raising Dangerphobe children?"

"Oh no. Not me!"  I said on national television.   "I'm not afraid to let my kids do anything."

Ju Ju called me out.  "'re kids have never had sucking candy."

Now, it's not that I won't let them eat sucking's just that I haven't let them eat sucking candy...yet.   I'm terrified of choking. To this day, my kids have never had a sour ball, a jaw breaker, or a peppermint candy.   My oldest, I remind you, is 10.

Okay, I'm a little phobic too.

The show aired this afternoon at 2:30pm EST and of course, I totally missed it.  I'm waiting for the link to post and I'll share it.

Ju Ju and K.S., if you're reading this?  Don't I look good in that chair? (And, I'm serious about the money...)


  1. Wow, yea for you, I would have loved to see it! But seriously not even your 10 year old? Come on sucking is good its the swallowing thats bad, lol! Ha Ha I'm too funny!


  2. Oh, sorry about that, I don't think I read that about your child. I have a friend that has a son with that, great super fun kid named Max. I know her difficulties with raising a kid with Asperger's Syndrome so I commend you for being so cautious.....:)

  3. What a great opportunity! Can't wait till you post the link!


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