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Monday, February 8, 2010

Making Memories...

I was scrolling through movies on my old computer the other day (you know...procrastinating on writing) and I found this - my favorite "family" video (have no fear, it's only 17 seconds long...).

Last winter, my kids and I went to Lake Arrowhead. I wanted to create (and document) some great family memories, so I took them "tubing." I've been known to go to great lengths to make family videos ( may recall my post "Home Videos"). But mostly, it's so I can prove to my kids later on that they had a good childhood.

My plan was to document Livi's first tubing experience by riding down the hill backwards on my tube, while simultaneously holding onto Livi's tube and videotaping her.

Now, for those of you who don't know, tubing is akin to "human bowling" in that tightly grouped people mill about at the bottom of a steep slope while an object (albeit human) is hurling towards them at uncontrollable speed. Usually the person on the tube is kind enough to try to slow down before running them over.

That's not my way.

"Hey, I know, Livi. I'll go backwards and videotape you going down the hill."

This appealed to Livi. "Yeah!"

"Um, Mom?" Izzy poked me and pointed out the people at the bottom of the hill. "You shouldn't go down backwards. I don't think it's allowed."

"It's fine. I don't see any signs that say we can't do it."

"I don't think you can." She persisted - thwarting me from making a great family video.

"Nah! It's fine."

"What if you run into those people down there? It's not safe. They'll throw us out."

"Those people should move. There's a sign that says to watch out for tubers...and that's me." (Yes...I said this to my then 8 year old). I pointed to a tiny sign at the bottom of the run that did indeed warn people of the potential hazards of assholes like me on inner tubes. Then I hooked up my tube to Livi climbing on backwards, and we launched down the hill.

Here's what I learned. Tubing backwards is a bad idea.

I took out 5 people at the bottom of the slope before being thrown from my tube and landing on my back (you'll know the moment by the "Geunkk!" sound I make at the end.)

Obviously, I didn't see the actual carnage. There are impact sounds on the video marking each blow as I plowed into and through people. All I saw was the aftermath - a swath of bystanders lying on their backs - and the small child I took out crying for his mother. (if you ask me...the mother was horrible for letting him stand there).

My kids did think it was hilarious...And we didn't get thrown out.

In retrospect, it wasn't a great "parenting" moment.

But, aaaahhhhhh...the memories.


  1. We just went tubing for the first time last month, so I can really relate to this video.

    I can still vividly see the expression on the face of the man I slammed into - right before I knocked his hot chocolate out of his hands.

    At least it warmed me up for a few seconds.

    :-D Anna

  2. Too funny, duh the mom shouldn't have had her kid standing there. Sometimes when you are trying to capture THE moment parenting has to go out the window. Love the noises!


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