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Tuesday, February 2, 2010

To Market, to market...

I have just been to the market for the 3rd time in 4 days.

No matter what I do, make lists, write "Need Milk!" on my hand, place post-its on the bathroom door, I ALWAYS seem to need one thing more!  More toilet paper, more chips...more SALT.  Yes, "SALT" for God's sake!  I totally ran out of salt without realizing it.  Going without salt in our house is like going without air.  "I need salt!"  "This needs salt!" "Put more salt on it!"  It's a wonder no one's had a stroke. 

So I went to the market...again. 

I just got home and discovered we're out of juice.  F@#$@!#$K!!!!!

Someone said to me once, "You've never really finished doing laundry till you've done it naked." 

Could it also be said then that "You've never finished food shopping til you're ready to let the kids starve?"

Just something to ponder...


  1. Hmmm, kids starving, well at least your dishes would be done and none in the sink, right? I have so asked my family before, to take their clothes off and then I will have caught up with the laundry. They all thought I was crazy!

  2. Love this as it happens here all the time. By the way, my mom and dad met you at a restaurant in Marina Del Rey recently. I'm Karyn, the mom with twin five year old boys. Really enjoying your blog!

  3. Every friggin' time I return home from the market I realize I forgot to buy something. Often it's the main thing I went to the store to get. What is this? Mombrain? Twinmombrain? Middle-aged-twinmombrain? Let me know if you discover a cure.


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