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Monday, February 15, 2010

Valentine's Day

As my kids get older, Valentine's Day gets better.

Of course there have been all those years where they came home with the obligatory gem and glue covered picture frame or jewelry box - something they were forced to make in class and presented to me under the guise they thought of it themselves.   I'm convinced that's what we pay for with private preschool.  Lots and lots of glue.

But now they're old enough to write me cards on their own.  I don't know any mom who doesn't melt from a hand-made, heartfelt sentiment no matter how poorly spelled it may be.   A special note that reflects their individual personalities and love for you.

This year, my kids made me cards and left them outside my bedroom door so I would see them when I woke up.

Livi's card (One big run-on sentence jam-packed with love):  "I love you so much you are my favret mommy ever I love you so much you are loveing and caring you are so speshle you are a gret mommy. Love, Love, Love! Livi

Ben's card (a transformer card left over from his class valentine's day exchange):

To: Mommy
From: Ben

(That's it...)

Izzy's card:

Dear Mommy, 
I hope you have the BEST Valentines day EVER!  I also hope we get to do something fun today.....just sayin'.  Happy V-Day!  Love, Izzy."

Yup.  Their individual personalities are jumping off the page.  I'm melting.


  1. I married a "Ben" who has trouble expressing feelings, but he's learned to go and buy the best card in the card shop, one that says what he would if he had that kind of brain. So occasionally I do get to hear what's on his heart. I have three daughters, so have a collection of those sweet daughter cards--and they keep coming!

  2. Wow its wife like have saved my time.


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