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Sunday, March 28, 2010

Bon Voyage!

We're on Spring Break and today, in 2 hours, (1 hour and 55 minutes if you ask my kids) we're leaving on a cruise.

A Mexican cruise.

This is the first time my kids and I have been on a long vacation together (other than visiting family) and as a single mother, I won't lie, I'm nervous.  REALLY nervous.

I'm leaving the boyfriend behind (he's housesitting for me and taking care of the 3 little piggies...that's a good man) and traveling with another mom (one of my best friends - I'll call her "S" for the purposes of this journal entry to protect her privacy - she's WAY more private than I am) and her twins who are about the same age as mine.

Just us girls and our progeny.

I'll keep you posted.  But for now,  all of our bags are packed and I'm hoping this doesn't end like it did for the castaways of "Gilligan's Island"-  I didn't pack near enough pull-ups...

Bon Voyage....


  1. Wow, you are a brave one! I hope you have a great time and everyone behaves, especially you, ha!


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