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Thursday, March 18, 2010

A Clean Getaway...

The "Immaculate" drop-off.

That's what my friends and I call it.  A morning where you take the kids to school and no one cries, whines or clings.  A drop-off where no kid begs you to stay, no one shows sudden signs of sickness and you're not sent home for lice.  You leave the school zone child-free.  Huzzah!

But then...on your way to the car you walk by the schoolyard and look through the fence for your child.

You see him or her on the yard.  Alone. Without you.  Fine.

You turn around and go back in to the school so you can give them one more hug. 

That's when they remember they need you, and the clinging begins.

You should have kept walking.

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