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Wednesday, March 3, 2010

"Nana's Getting Married"

I just wanted to tell you about a book a friend of mine wrote called "Nana's Getting Married" by Heather Hartt Sussman.

You guys might not know this about me, but I was a literary agent for children's books for 8 years.  I represented some AMAZING writers and illustrators.  I know a good book when I see one.

It's hard to get published - and EVEN harder to get a kid's book published - and EVENNNNNN HARDER to publish a GOOD children's book!  So when I heard she had a book coming out I was so curious - I didn't even know she wrote children's books.

Well this was the best book about watching an older member of the family get re-married I had ever seen.  Maybe because I'm a single mom and I know how kids feel about "new" family members.  Or maybe because I watched my own mother remarry.  Either way, this is a great, fun and well-written book about a boy who thinks he's losing his "Nana" to some guy "Bob", only to finally come to understand that he is gaining a great new grandpa."

I loved the skeptical little hero of this story, the high-spirited grandma, who is clearly in love, and the tone that will speak to all kids who are wary of any kind of change. 

You can buy it on or you can click through her website at and find direct links.

I know I need to tell you by law I got a free copy, but I don't put out a review of a children's book unless I really think it's great.  And it is!

I, for one, APPROVE!

Good Luck Heather!

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