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Monday, April 5, 2010

"Date Night" Movie Review you and your husband/wife/partner/family pet have a regular "date night"?  If so, go see this movie!!

I loved it!

Sure there are some corny parts and there's some "overacting" on the part of Ray Liotta and his nemesis (which stands out even more next to the down-to-earth and hilarious performances of Tina Fey and Steve Carell), but I really related to the realistic portrayal of a couple just trying to connect when life makes it hard.  (The first restaurant scene where they make up stories about other couples is priceless...) Scott and I both LAUGHED OUT LOUD throughout the whole thing!!

It was really solid - even when things go out of control for the Fosters, you "buy" it.  Carell and Fey ask ALL the questions YOU would ask if something ridiculously impossible happened to you.  I can only imagine we have Carell and Fey to thank for making this work because when every other comedy of this kind goes over-the-top and we find ourselves asking questions like "Why the HELL would they just LEAVE with those people!?" the response makes you say, "Okay...I get it." 

I loved it.  Hope you do to.  A well-written, laugh out loud comedy is hard to come by.

Oh, and make sure you stay for the post credit bloopers!  Very funny.

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  1. I love the previews so I can't wait to see this! I'll let you know when I do!


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