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Sunday, April 4, 2010

"Goodbye to Yoooouuuuuu..."

The vacation’s over.

And now we’re sitting in the “waiting area” of the ship…well, “waiting” to be let off.

Just another long line in a long line of long lines…

We waited in line to visit 3 different Mexican cities, we waited to swim, we waited to snorkle, and we waited to scale artificial rock walls.  We waited to ice skate, to play arcade games, to eat, to sit, to swim with dolphins, and we (okay…”I”) waited in line to perform the worst karaoke rendition of Patti Smith’s “Goodbye to You” ever heard on the high seas.

There were lines to pee, lines for ping-pong, lines for mini-golf, lines for drinks, lines for food, and the omnipresent line for free soft-serve ice cream that wind around the entire circumference of the pool deck from morning till night.
Lines, lines, lines…this boat is the human equivalent of Studio 54 in the 80’s.

And now we're in our last line of the trip. Waiting to go home. We have about an hour.

I wonder if the line for soft-serve has died down...

1 comment:

  1. What a view! Except for you getting sick that looks like it was Heaven! It will be nice to get home though, your own bed, with or without someone in it!


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