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Sunday, April 11, 2010

If I'm exhausted, it must be Sunday...

My house is a mess, my kids are still up and I would love a Xanax.

That's right.  It's Sunday night.

Why does the weekend take such a toll?  Isn't the weekend for "feeling good" and relaxation?  Aren't I supposed to be rejuvinated?

Why is it weekends are jam packed?  We went to birthday parties, had a 5-pitch game, numerous playdates, wrote for hours, and cleaned out the guinea pigs.  On top of that, I ate like I've never seen food (my favorite being the kobe sliders at a friend's 40th birthday - YUM!).  I've gobbled bagels, eggs, turkey bacon, pancakes, sausage pizza and a big slab of birthday cake at the above-mentioned party - I would have had more, but she's a new friend and I didn't want to scare her.

Now my boyfriend is suggesting I do a "cleanse."  I am assuming he doesn't mean the house.  Let me rephrase that...I'm assuming he means in ADDITION to the house.

Why do I need a vacation after every weekend?   I think Monday morning is the equivalent of a kid's Friday afternoon.  They hear that bell ring on Friday afternoon and think "Freedom!".  We hear the bell on Monday morning, kiss our kids goodbye and think "Freedom" as we walk back out the school gate leaving our kids behind.

Of course I love "family time,", but weekends have just become too exhausting. 

I'm pooped. 

Oh wait...that's the only thing I didn't do this weekend...

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  1. I agree! Weekends can be tougher than week days with all the commitments (usually by the children) Very funny!


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