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Monday, April 26, 2010

The Reaper (My article from LA Moms Blog)

I've been reaped.

You heard me.

Someone picked the sole tangerine off my tangerine tree, and I'm not happy.

My mom and sister gave me this tree when I moved into my house almost 2 years ago. I have nurtured this tree, I have watered it, I...well...I watered it. I have no idea what else to do to help a plant grow...but by golly that tree's been watered!

Just last year it sprang forth fruit. A single, small, succulent tangerine. I waited until it was perfectly full and bright orange before I picked it - which was really hard for me because every day I wanted to pick it. It was round, weighty, tempting...but I resisted. I waited. I was good.

Eventually the fruit (singular) was ready for picking and I brought my kids outside and said "Children, we are going to harvest our crop."

They eyeballed the single tangerine and looked at me like I was an idiot.

"Can I pick it?" "Can I?" "No, I want to pick it!" They bickered.

"I will pick the fruit." I pronounced. And I picked it.

We took it inside and I peeled it and handed tiny, equal sections to my kids.

I felt like a farmer, enjoying the rewards of efforts sown. Sharing it with my children. It was a good moment.

This year I watered my tree again. And again. At one point, holding off on more watering because it had rained. Yes...I was getting the hang of this "farming" thing. Maybe I should try to grow something more ambitious. Like chives. Hmmm...

All year I resisted picking the burgeoning fruit as it blossomed and fleshed out before my eyes. Again, alone in it's tree, one sole tangerine waited to be plucked.

The other day my oldest daughter came in the house and said "Look, Ma! Do you think it's still a little green?" She was holding my tangerine. My whole harvest.

"What did you do?!"

"I picked the orange."

"It's not an orange. It's a tangerine and it's not ready!"

"It's still a little green."

"I knoooowwwww...Awwwww, why did you pick it??" I whined. I wasn't really looking for an answer. I knew the answer. It's tempting to pick fruit.

I took a deep breath and collected myself. Alright. That's life. I'm not going to freak out.

But I'm waiting and I'm watering for next years crop.

Izzy's lucky I'm not a religious girl. I can totally see why God kicked Eve's butt.

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  1. Hello! I like your blog. I love finding funny blogs full of good writing instead of giveaways. Where do you live that you have a tangerine tree?

    Anyways, just visiting from MBC and will definitely be back. :)

    (Like your chicken nugget poem, btw.)


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