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Friday, April 2, 2010

It's Not Easy Being Green...

Maybe it was the hot Mexican sun...

Maybe it's the rocky waters...

Or maybe it was the margarita I had at noon at that tiny Mexican restaurant off the main strip (I hugged the waiter when he gave it to me...I think I scared him) combined with the sun and rocking...

...But I am GREEEEENNNNNN!  And so is Izzy (but she didn't have the Los Pablonas is off the hook)

We spent the night in our tiny bathroom, puking.

Well, Izzy did most of the puking.  I laid on the cramped floor of our 2x4 bathroom insanely jealous of her.

We spent the day off the boat in Puerto Vallarta.  We didn't make any plans or pay for any ridiculously overpriced excursions.  Just me, "S", and all of our kids.

We took a taxi to the main strip and walked around.  The kids asked 1000 times "Are we going to the beach?" "When are we going to the beach?"  "Mommy, are we going to the beach?"

"LATER!" I answered for the 10,000th time!

We found a GREAT little restaurant called Los Pablonas and had lunch.  It was AWESOME and I'd tell you about it if just thinking about eating didn't make me feel like throwing up right now.   Suffice to say - go there if you're ever in Puerta Vallarta.

FINALLY!!!!, (according to the kids...)we went to the public beach.  It was PACKED with college kids on Spring Break.  I enviously ogled them and their carefree drinkin' ways as I marched across the sand with my enormous (and overstuffed) monogrammed L.L. Bean beach bag, old lady cover-up and large group of kids whining "Can't we just sit heeeeeeeere????!"

"No, we can't sit hhheeeeeeeere" we had to explain as the smell of some REALLY good pot wafted in our direction. 

We kept going.

Finally we planted ourselves and vendor after vendor after vendor after vendor offered is shrimp on a stick, tattoos, hair braiding and cheap clothing.  They were like Toddlers...endlessly asking us to buy stuff and we had to keep saying said "No."  "No."  "No."  "No..."  My headache grew...We headed back to the boat.

And now, the ship is rocking, my head was pounding, and I have fiery red landing strips down the sides of both my thighs.

Heat stroke?  Hangover?  Sea sickness?

Apparently I've been struck by all three and now I'm OUT!


  1. Funny, because the same thing happened to me in PV, on one of those day-long boat excursions. Although it was 20 years ago, sounds like nothing has changed.

  2. Same for me in PV, must be the boat!! Feel good!


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