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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

What's next, Locusts?

I just spent two days in Palm Springs with a girlfriend. 

This is very dangerous for someone like me because my family is cursed.  Whenever someone in my family goes anywhere - for fun or business - disaster strikes. 

We think my mom backed over a gypsy with her car or something  in the 70's because this has been going on for years.  

Don't believe me?:

When I was 5 - my parents went to Greece.  Our house caught fire.

When I was 18, my mom went to Italy.  Their other house caught fire.

When I was 22, my mom went to Switzerland, the pipes broke in her apartment in NYC and the whole place flooded.

When I was 30, my mom was in Austria and the "IN GROUND" pool collapsed (walls of dirt and sand just caved on through) at their beach house (yes, this was the same one that burnt to the ground only 10 years before.

Well, true to the family curse, I wasn't gone 3 hours when I got the call - the water heater corroded completely, leaving a possible gas problem and everyone in my house without hot water for 2 days.

They were the stinkiest group of people with whom I'd ever been reunited.

My boyfriend recently asked me if I wanted to go to Italy for a week at some point.  I'd jump at it, but I don't think renter's insurance covers gypsy curses.


  1. Yikes, you need to find someone to break that curse!

    Have a great Earth Day!

  2. Shit, that is something else!! Although I do hope Palm Springs was fun!


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