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Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Spilled milk...

My son spilled his milk again.   He does this almost every night.

So I said to him "Ben! How'd you spill the milk again?"

"Well," he said "It was in my hand...and then it wasn't."

Ask a stupid question...


  1. Duh Mom! Pretty funny kid ya got there!

  2. Well you asked and he answered your question :-)
    I just love the things they come out with!

  3. hahaha That's so cute! Don't you just love the things they say and the way they answer questions?! Adorable!

    I love when my 3 year old boy tells me these in depth crazy stories! So cute!

    Found your post on MomBlogger and am now following you! Hope to see ya over my way soon!


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