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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Can't Cook? Casting Call for Family in LA!

Hey everyone,

Got another family casting notice.  If your cooking could use a little help, maybe this is for you:


Casting Families in the LOS ANGELES AREA who need some serious professional help in the kitchen! (PILOT) $1,000!

Iconic Casting is searching for All-American families to take part in a new cooking show.

· Are you or your spouse in desperate need of help when it comes to cooking?
· Is your best meal the one you order from take out?
· Is your lack of talent in the kitchen having a negative impact on your family’s health?

With the help of Academy Award winning talent, you can get a lesson in the culinary arts. We are seeking families who will open their homes to let our celebrity chefs come in and help teach you how to cook.

To Apply please email the following to

· Your family members’ names, relationship to each other, ages, and occupation.
· A little about your family and why you need help in the kitchen
· What city you live in
· Please attach a few recent pictures of individuals and as a family. 

*Shoots July 26, 27, 28 in Los Angeles.
*Pay is $1,000
*Must live within 50 miles of the greater Los Angeles Area.
*Must have at least 4 members in family.
*Must have big personalities and little cooking abilities.


  1. Dam, too bad I'm not there. I could use all the help in the kitchen because I am definitely one of those that takeout is my best meal!

    Hey I love your books you picked. I loved Jennifer Weiner's Good in Bed it was a great read!

  2. I'm now following you through MBC.
    Come visit me @

    Sofia's Ideas


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