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Sunday, June 6, 2010

Zoo Tycoon

My daughter got a computer game called "Zoo Tycoon."  It's awesome!  You build your own zoo from the ground up and get points based on the success of your enterprise.  You build concession stands in the most opportune places you can find, you choose the animals and build their enclosures (pick the terrain, fences, and kind of food they eat).  If you don't put up fences or they aren't the right kind, animals get loose and attack people and each other.

This is quite possibly the best computer game ever!

Her little sister (you know the one) just got her hands on it while her sister is at a birthday party.  She built like 50 cotton candy concession stands and stuck them all together on one yard.  Not great business practice, but she needs to learn how competition works. 

I figured.  She'll see what happens when all those people have so many cotton candy stands to choose from.

THEN she put crocodiles into the masses of people and cotton candy stands. 

Turns out she had lured the crowds to feed the crocodiles.

Maybe she knows something about business after all.

1 comment:

  1. Sounds like she is a little business savvy after all. Haven't seen the games but I bet my kids would love it!


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