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Thursday, July 15, 2010

BBQing Woodstock style

The kids and I had a little bbq last night - Woodstock style.

For those who are wondering if that means I cooked stoned, the answer is no.  No, I didn't. 

It means that I grilled up the only meat I could find in a 10 mile radius.  All of the meat here is either totally mass-marketed and so pumped with hormones consuming it would likely throw me back into puberty.  OR, meat that's TOTALLY natural, completely uncured, and killed by a neighbor.

Seriously - it's that or tofu.  I don't do tofu hot dogs.

So, we had all natural, uncured turkey hot dogs, natural and freshly ground turkey burgers, whole wheat buns and corn picked from a local farm.  It was delicious.

I dropped a hot dog off the grill and we tossed it out into the woods hoping it might temporarily satisfy whatever bear keeps attacking my trash.

At the very least, I hope he'll be grateful for the weiner's natural contents and small carbon footprint.

P.S.  Had to skip the S'Mores due to stale graham crackers.  Ate these pretty little all natural sorbets...


  1. Good story, Sarah. I can picture the fun. Too bad your son's photo was cut off and we couldn't see his face close up. Life with kids is fun if you can maintain your sanity.

  2. wow I love your back yard... Can you tell I am a city momma...

  3. great soap!
    Newest follower from MBC. I also grabbed your button!

  4. We were up there in Woodstock last summer and they had the best Farmer's Market/ festival in August. Local produce, desserts, crafts and performances.


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