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Monday, July 5, 2010

FINALLY, MY summer has begun!

I dropped the twins off at day camp this morning!

I didn't even realize camp started today until about 1AM last night when I checked the website (I'm kind of a wait-till-the-last-minute gal obviously).

Of course the kids slept IN this morning for the first time all summer because we were out late at a friend's house celebrating the 4th of July, but by GOLLY I woke them out of their S'more induced stupors, got them dressed, slathered on the sunscreen and herded them out the door.

I think they were still partially asleep when I peeled out of the camp driveway leaving them behind in a cloud of dust. 

I am now enjoying my very first child-free minutes I've had since school got out on June 18th!  WOO HOO!!!!!!

Dang!  If only I wasn't kind of missing them...


  1. Thank you for the award! I have been out of town so sorry for the delay.

    I have also thanked you on my blog. I have not listed other blogs as I find it difficult to come up with ten new bloggers every award. Truth is, I have cut down on the social networking for the summer but fully plan on picking it up again when the kids return to school in the fall.

    I enjoy reading your blog! Sounds as though we have similar craziness going on.

  2. Just testing my comment thingy. Problems are abound on Blogger for me today.

  3. comment test again

  4. Why does that happen. You so can't wait for them to leave but once they do you miss them. Sorry about not getting back to you, I am out of town but yes you cam up on my blog roll!

  5. Thanks so much for checking, Meg!@


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