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Monday, July 26, 2010

I Like Being Called Ms. Maizes. (Is that so wrong?)

What do your kid's friends call you?  What do your friends' kids call you?  I mean, to your face?  I want to be Ms. Maizes.  Is that so wrong?

Listen to my podcast with author and podcaster, Rob Sachs of "What Would Rob Do?"  Where we answer the question, "Why can't I get some respect?"

Then let us know...what YOU think!


  1. This is such a hot topic with my husband and I. It appears that we are among a dying breed in which we expect kids to address us as Mr. and Mrs. I've expressed my wish to all of my friends, to all of my cub scouts and their parents and yet they still call me by my first name. My kids call them by Mr. and Mrs. so that right there should send some sort of clue how I want to be addressed. I get tired of correcting the kids and I'm tired of their parents who don't seem to have a clue.

    I'm tired of hearing "Mrs. so-and-so is my mother-in-law" and "Mrs. makes me feel so old." Would you have ever dared walk into a friends house and call her mom by her first name? If by some chance you had permission for that, would you do it to your coach, scout leader, etc.? NEVER! None of us would ever walk into a school and address a teacher by their first name.

    Want to get me really worked up? Call me Miss Beth. Not only are you again using my first name but I am not a miss any longer. If you are going to make your kids use the Miss as a form of respect than clue in to the Mrs. K that I've been trying to get you to use!

    Sorry for the soap box. This is just something that really BUGS me! (as if you couldn't tell!)

  2. I like when the other kids call my "Hey, Luke's Daddy" or call my wife, "Um, Dani's Mommy"

    The last think I would want to be called is Mr. Anything, next thing you know I will be wearing ties to work again.

  3. I agree with you completely - also for any adult with whom I'm having a business/professional transaction.

  4. Oh, wow. I have friends who make their children address me with "Mrs." and others who just call me by my first name...or Ms. Kelley... I don't know which one I prefer. I guess I prefer "Ms. Kelley", but maybe that sounds stupid. Maybe I'll just make them continue calling me "Your Highness".

  5. I think to each their own.. personally I like that most of Drew's friends and all the kids at his school call me "Drew's Mom". But most of my friends kids will call me by my first name.

  6. I like "Izzy's Mom" too or "whomever's Mom." I just cringe when a kid calls me by my first name. Must be my mom's Quaker influence.


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