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Thursday, July 8, 2010

If the bugs look like're in Woodstock

(I wrote this a week ago when we got to Woodstock and hadn't posted it, but last night ANOTHER mutant came at me and I'm wondering...Is it wrong to kill something if it goes "crunch"?)

I just flicked a jurassic sized ant off my arm and I'm freaking out.

It's our first night in Woodstock and I'm sitting in the living room of the house I rented for the summer while Izzy is at sleepaway camp about an hour away.   After a day of driving, unpacking, and stocking a house for the summer, I'm finally able to sit down in front of the tv and relax.  So I'm minding my own business, watching "Private Parts" when I feel a little tickle on the back of my neck.  I know in the depths of my soul, that something is funky, but I convince myself it was just a loose tendril.

Then I felt it on my arm, I look down and I was seriously looking at the largest ant-shaped creature I've ever seen.  I freaked...I flicked...and the thing hit the floor with a thud.  SERIOUSLY!

I killed it with a nauseating crunch and sent an e-mail to the poor man renting me the house asking if I should expect more members of the beast's family.  If there was any doubt in his mind that I was an idiot after the three calls to him on day one about bedding, grocery stores, and tupperware, there was no longer any question. 

Looks like our summer is in full swing.


  1. Hi! Im a new follower from mom bloggers club, hope you can come over and visit me

  2. And there's not even any acid going around!

  3. Sarah,
    Oh, I'm so with you on this one. YUCK!! Funny story. When I lived in TX we had an annual invation of giant crickets each Aug. They were large and when you drove down the street they crunched under the tires. Had to keep the car windows and vents closed (no ac back then) to keep them from getting inside.

  4. Oh you sweet little city girl *grin*

    I live out in the sticks and we're used to all sorts of giant crawly things. Stockpile Raid bug spray and keep something heavy enough to squish with, close at hand. Ask God for forgiveness for snuffing out one of Her creatures when you say your prayers :-)

  5. This is funny only because its you and not me! I remember being at my in-laws and I felt something on me but couldn't find it so I laid in bed longer then jumped up only to find a tick on me. I so wanted to scream but because it was 1 in the morning I did that silent scream. I saved the tick dead mind you to find out if it was the bad kind. I did not sleep at all that night. Good luck with all your creatures, the ones on 2 legs and 6 or 8!

  6. Ahhhhhh!!!! As I was reading it, my mouth gaped open. I had to quickly shut it in an irrational fear that that ant thing would find me & crawl into my mouth. I will not sleep tonight.


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