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Monday, July 19, 2010

Love in a Box - Camp Care Packages

I know my local post woman really well.

We've gotten close over the past month.

I'm in there every day mailing letters to Izzy, picking up mail from Izzy and sending the holy grail of camp mail - the "Care Package."

I remember back when I went to camp (my sister and I went to a camp called Tripp Lake - it's in Maine and my niece goes there now) we eagerly awaited boxes from home filled with goodies.  Frosted Pop-Tarts, Ritz Crackers & Squeeze Cheeze, and jars of iced tea mix we'd eat plain out of the container with our fingers.  And GUM!  LOTS of gum! (Like in the "Pokey" gum has "street" value!)  If we were lucky the box also contained Mad Libs, "Betty & Veronica" comic books, and/or clothing in our team colors.  It was SO awesome.

My parents weren't anywhere near as vigilant as I am.  I only got boxes from them once or twice a summer (and we were away for 2 months!).  But then again, they had to be sent pony express. :)

Here's the thing, getting stuff at camp is fun.   I've spent the past month checking out every book store, toy store and novelty shop I pass looking for fun stuff to send Izzy only to discover they actually MAKE care packages now.  Pre-compiled boxes of crap!  How GREAT is THIS!

My mail-woman is really going to miss me.

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  1. I never really had a camp experience like that. I know I was missing out! What age do kids starting going off to camp for a month or two??

  2. So funny, Sarah. Going to camp that lasts longer than a week must be great. A week isn't long enough to get a care package. My mom missed me (or at least she said she did) but I had a great time.


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