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Monday, August 23, 2010

Los Angeles Magazine - Autism Issue - "Normal? Not My Izzy..."

Today, the September Issue of Los Angeles Magazine came out - it's their "Great New Shops / Autism" issue.   I WROTE a humor article about autism for them called "Normal?  Not My Izzy..." (see page 149)

This is my first article in a glossy newstand magazine and I was SO excited I cried when I saw the magazine on the rack today (the guy kinda went into "freak alert" mode but then I bought about 10 copies of the he didn't care). 

Please pick up a copy if you're in the vicinity or check it out on-line (the editor-in-chief even quotes me in her "Editor's Note".  (Then, if you're compelled, you can write a letter to the magazine telling them it's the BEST article you've ever read).



  1. Hooray for you!! What is the online address for the magazine?

  2. so fantastic! this is just the beginning of many great things to come!

  3. Sarah, congratulations!!! I got the mag, read your piece. Great job!!



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