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Friday, August 13, 2010

My Love for my Blackberry - Caught on Video

I was sitting around Googleing myself (I know, I know...if you Google yourself too much, you go blind...) and I  found this interview I did for Mobile Test Kitchen while I was at BlogHer '10.

The interviewer was looking to get reviews of cell phones (personally, I just thought she was some bored lady - I didn't know she'd be posting it!).  But, she asked me my opinion of my Blackberry Storm 2...and I have a big mouth...and I had a lot of time to kill on line (two things that don't bode well for anyone asking me about anything...) so I told her just what I thought.  Exactly.  In many, many words.

I don't think they expected such an enthusiastic endorsement and my phone AND Verizon!

(I did NOT get paid for this or get ANY free stuff - this is just me and my love of my far)


  1. you are dork! but a dork that i love!

  2. Funny and cool! Too bad the video cut off half your face most of the time. I hope they at least send you a new charger for that endorsement. Verizon too!

  3. husband works for Verizon and I showed him this. I think he's in love with you ;-) hilarious. ~Kimberly


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