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Monday, September 13, 2010

Independence Day...

Today is Independence Day!

After three months of sleeping late, weekday sleepovers, all day tv, video games galore and asking me every five seconds "What are we doing today?" finally the kids are back in school.

The summer seemed to last forever.  We did TWO sessions of sleepaway camp, one mini sleepaway camp, life in another state, a whole month back home swimming, hiking, cooking, anything and everything we could do to keep the kids busy.

But now they're at school and I'm FREEEEEEEE!!!!!!

This morning, I got home after dropping the kids off and the house was empty.  Blissfully empty.

I almost didn't know what to do with myself.   Then I shopping, hanging shelves, organizing clothes, cleaning, cooking, writing two articles by 5 pm and bathing the guinea pigs, running carpools, and filling out back-to-school paperwork.

Yup.  I can feel the freedom.


  1. Bathing the guinea pigs?? Ha! You are good. I saw some of them the other day at PetMart or PetCo or Pet something or other. They were huge! We don't have any pets yet. We have an almost 6 y/o boy and a 2 y/o boy. They are my pets right now. I also know what you mean about the bliss of a quiet house. It's always nice when their little feet are back in it, though!

  2. Great story! Flashbacks! I'll bet that by 3pm you were eagerly greeting them at the door with cookies and milk.


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