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Friday, October 1, 2010

Happy October! (PLUS a discount from my fav place!)

October is my family's favorite month.    Why?  HALLOWEEN!!!!!
My family starts planning for Halloween in August.   As soon as the kids are done with camp, they start thinking about their costumes - planning their outfits, weighing their options - even before they've picked out back-to-school outfits.

This weekend we'll  pull out all the decorations from the garage and start to decorate the whole house - inside and out.

We have a few "staple" decorations; a Barbie tied up in spider webs with a HUGE spider creeping toward her; barfing pumpkins;  and a pen of fake rats and real guinea pigs so that when people walk by they see movement and freak out.  It's awesome.

We don't do the scary, bloody stuff.    I had a traumatic experience in a neighbor's "haunted house" when I was 7 and despite my love of Halloween, to this day I'm a big scaredy cat when it comes to zombies, dead people and blood - real or fake.  (Makes you wonder what happened, doesn't it...)

But despite my fears, I do love the funny, kitchey stuff.  It's our favorite time of year.

AND, for all the other moms out there who love this holiday as much as we do, I got my favorite on-line gift store, Spoon Sisters (, to offer Mommy Lite readers a 10% discount on ANY orders you make before October 14th.  The code is SPOONLITE.  This is JUST for you guys!  So you can share the halloween spirit with us! 

I've already placed my halloween order and here are a few of the things I got:

1) Finger-Mustache Tattoos - so I'll always have a costume ready:

Fingerstache – Mustache-shaped temporary tattoos for your fingers

2) Some Gnarly Teeth - Party favors for our annual Halloween Party.

3) and Nose Masks - to hand out at the party - for people who don't have costumes...

Return of the Nose Masks - Silly Nasal Disguises

You will seriously have a great time checking out their site even if you don't buy anything.  They're stuff is hilarious!  OH - and just so you know, the coupon code is good on ANYTHING on their site - not just Halloween stuff. 

HAPPY HALLOWEEN shopping and let me know what you bought!


  1. I always admire the houses with the awesome holiday decorations and I agree that Halloween is one of the best occasions to go crazy. The kids love decorating too - what a perfect family activity.
    Love the image of the barbie captured by the massive spider!
    I found you through Mom Bloggers Club. Hope you'll visit me at

  2. I'm usually a low-budget decorator. Though I've already purchased two real mini-pumpkins and put my cute scarecrow on the front door. I'll have to check out that site. Love the finger 'stache.
    Have lots of fun with the kids.

  3. Greatpost! Halloween is one of our favorites as weel. In fact we have more Halloween decor than Christmas. Last year we gave out 1200 goodie bags--it's crazy in our neighborhood!

  4. Ok, now I am curious about the haunted house incident. Could be because I once scared my little sisters in a haunted house and am now looking to do it again.

    Nah, I am far too mature to try and scare them- especially now that they're all moms. Ok, I lie- a big brother's work is never done.


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