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Monday, November 15, 2010

I LUV comments! Added "CommentLuv" to Mommy Lite

I am a feedback whore.  I can't help myself - I just love comments.  I love to know someone is reading this stuff and I love to talk with other people who suck at this parenting thing as much as I do.

Unfortunately, Blogger (the format of this blog) doesn't let me "reply."  So chances are there are readers who said nice things (or even not-nice things) and thought I didn't give a crap.  Well, I do...give a crap. 

And now, I have just installed COMMENTLUV on this site and EVERY time you leave a comment, I'll know how to reach you (if you want) you can link back to your own site (if you want) or you can leave a blind comment threatening to contact Social Services.  Whatever your fancy.

I spent two days fiddling with this widget trying to make it work, so could you do me a "solid" and give it a whirl?  Leave a comment and let's see if your link shows up.

If I don't respond to your comment, please know it's not because I'm not loving your comment and considering putting it on a t-shirt - it's just that I can't find a link back to you.


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