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Wednesday, November 24, 2010


See this turkey? 

Three years ago, we went to Underwood Family Farms on a class trip.  This turkey was in a big cage there...just gobblin' away.  Minding it's own business. 

Ben (who was 4) had never seen anything like it.   He was mesmerized.

He put his face up to the cage to get a closer look.

The turkey's body was HUGE, but his head fit right between the cage bars.  He pecked him square in the forehead.  No joke.  Gave him little red mark right in the center.  I called it his a turkey bindi.

We didn't freak out, and he laughed instead of cried (I swear, it could have gone either way by the look on his face...)  But he was surprised.  Totally fine...but surprised.

I wet my pants.

We still visit that turkey whenever we go back to the farm.  He's still there, gobblin' away.  Pecking at any kid that gets too close and doesn't yet grasp logistics (small head + wide bars = peck on head).

It's a wonder no one's eaten him yet.

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