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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Princess Frank

My nephew is a moron.

This isn't a judgment call.  It's just that he's 11 and he's a boy.  Hence, he's an moron.

This Halloween, he and a few friends thought it would be funny to dress up as girls.  One of them, clearly the Vince Vaughan of the group, suggested they take it a step further and dress up as princesses.

"Yeah!" my nephew and his equally moronic friends agreed.  "That'll be funny!  Heh-heh!  We are so funny!"

And they did.

Well, what they didn't take into account is that they are students at a very exclusive private school here in LA that prides itself on diversity and like 25% of the parents at the school are gay.

So last Friday, for the Halloween parade, my nephew and his three friends brought their princess gowns to school, the girls in the class swarmed around them to do their make-up (maybe they're not such morons after all...) and they fully cross-dressed up like they were attending a royal ball.

Then they joined the school parade.

The next thing my sister knows, she's getting stopped by parent after parent talking about how great it is that her son and his friends feel comfortable expressing themselves.  How proud she must be.  Well, the parents at this school are powerful presences in media and talked to her about wanting to use the pictures of her son and his friends from the parade to help promote gay tolerance and support the anti-bullying movement.   Which obviously would be great...except for the fact that her son's not an activist.  He's a moron.  Next thing she knows, pictures of her son and his friends are being taken specifically for the school yearbook to show future potential students how free the policy is at the school and how children of all races, religions, and sexual orientation (keep in mind...they're 11), are welcome and embraced at their school.

Which is GREAT by the way.  It's FANTASTIC the school is open and encouraging.  That's exactly what I would want for my kids if I could afford it.  Unfortunately, intolerance is all I can afford right now.  I know because my daughter goes by the nickname "Bob" and everytime someone new hears the nickname they ask me if she's experiencing transgender issues.  I answer, "she's 10.  But I'll keep you posted."

Here's my point.  Tolerance is good.  No wait, tolerance is GREAT!  But I find the general populations willingness to jump on a simple, completely unintentional action as the next big political statement, ridiculously telling of our time and totally hysterical.

I'm sure my wonderful nephew will have a lot to say one day.  And he'll say it beautifully.

But for now, as Freud said, sometimes a cigar is just a cigar.  Or in this case, a tiara is just a tiara.


  1. Oh I LOVED this post!!! One, I completely agree that the bandwagon must be given a tune up. lol. Not every action is political. I think your nephew had a joke played on funny. When I was in school a kid dressed like a girl for Halloween and it was one thought he was gay or expressing himself. They really just thought it was what it was...a costume. Oh and today, he is happily married with kids. A costume can be just a costume. lol

  2. Everyone is entitled to a tiara. Everyone. :)
    Yeah, im gunna need to see pictures!

  3. Wow, I got a mental picture of it and laughed my ass off. We live in a world that is taking P.C. to a whole new level. Kids are kids and as adults we shouldn't read to much into their actions.

  4. This isn't a judgment call. It's just that he's 11 and he's a boy. Hence, he's an moron.

    As a man who once was an 11 year old boy I must take exception- boys rule, girls drool. ;)

    That is a funny story- and you are right sometimes a cigar is just that.

  5. So funny! Perhaps he'll grow up to be in the men-only fund raising beauty pageant in a town near here. The men are hilarious with their beards and hairy chests wearing gowns and trying to walk in heels. My son and friends dressed as cheerleaders for their senior homecoming pep rally.
    Tolerance is, indeed, great and sometimes "a tiara is just a tiara."

  6. Um, didn't anyone get the post that it was HALLOWEEN?? A tiara is a just a tiara on Halloween. It is a holiday where we all become cross gendered dressers.

    (although on a side note, isn't it great to know that if he ever did decide to start wearing dresses he'd be welcome with open arms?)

  7. Dam I'm laughing so hard tears ran down my leg! Ok I can so relate because my son is ten and he is a moron too! Dam I hate it and them you throw all his friends into the mix and we have Moron City!

    Wow those parents really read the wrong memo that day. It was a Halloween Parade not some gay pride parade. Nothing wrong with that and I'm sure there are 11 year olds that have announced they are gay but these boys were just having fun! Why did those parents think that just because a kid wants to wear a dress that he wants to switch sides?

    Your poor sister, I would have loved to hear that conversation though!

    Megan (1 Funky Woman)


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