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Sunday, November 14, 2010

Who's Got Their Ducks In A Row?

Me!  I do!  And it only cost me about $20.

This store sold rubber ducks.  Seriously.  Rubber ducks and Excedrin.  (Not sure if you need the Excedrin from staring at so many rubber ducks...).

I stumbled across rubber duck heaven in Cambria during our trip when it when my boyfriend was driving down main street and I saw a window full of rubber ducks.  I yelled "STOOOOOOOPPP!"   I think he thought we were going to hit a cow (lots of cows in Cambria...).  We pulled over.  I think he was pissed we hadn't hit a cow.  (Not that he wanted to hit a cow, he just thought rubber ducks were a really bad reason for screaming "STOOOOOOP!")

I don't know if you know this, but my kids love rubber ducks.

So, I would be remiss to not buy them rubber ducks.  After all, I'd been away for 3 days. 

So I bought rubber ducks.  Lots of them.  I carefully and deliberately picked out the ones I thought would be best received while singing "Rubber're the one..."  My boyfriend examined the Excedrin and pretended not to know me.

Of course, I took the lady's card so I can order more at any time ( case I should ever need more rubber ducks....).

The kids freaked for the ducks and now I can officially say I have my ducks in a row.

I'm thinking of lining shelves in the kid's bathroom with them.  Wouldn't that be cute?

I smell a collection coming on...

 (Look, Hippie Ducks!)

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