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Friday, December 10, 2010

Have Accordion, Will Travel...

I love a good "jam" session.

I love to watch people jam. I love to listen to people play the piano or their guitar and I like to sing along as they spontaneously play classic Billy Joel, James Taylor and Carol King.

Maybe I'm a hippie at heart.

Unfortunately, I never get to do it because I play cello. No one ever whips out a cello. And if they did, certainly nobody knows how to sing along with it.

Well this past week we were invited to a party and bunch of people showed up with their guitars. A Jam was definitely in our future. Yay!

But there was this one guy who brought his accordion.

Now anyone who appreciates a "jam" will tell you the joy of jamming is doing it with other people. Getting people to play together, sing together.   "Come together." (Wow...I am a hippie...Kumbaya!) The point is, you're not an audience during a jam. You're a participant.

But I think it's safe to say that when you show up at a party with an accordion, you're planning on putting on a show.   It's not like you can hand the accordion over to someone else at the party and say " take a whirl."

Showing up at a party with an accordion is like showing up with a bagpipe - or a set of flaming batons. You pretty much know you're the only one who's going to be using it. This guy obviously had a plan to play for a captive audience.

So we were treated to an accordion concert.

After a song or two he reached into his bag of tricks and pulled out a bunch of other instruments (percussion instruments that wouldn't overshadow him) so we could accompany him.

Maybe you think I’m being too harsh. Maybe an accordion is perfectly acceptable for an after-dinner jam. And you know what? It wasn’t absolutely, horrifically, horrible.

But I can officially say I know why no one ever says "Sing Us a Song, You're the Accordion Guy."

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