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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

The Christmas Vacation that keeps going...and going...

I'd like to say I'm getting back into my groove after the holidays, but my holiday isn't over…not by a long shot.   My kids still have ONE MORE WEEK of Christmas vacation and we’re all beginning to go insane.

Yes.   Good ol' LAUSD gets three weeks off from school for the holidays and my kids are still home, vacationing.   And by vacationing, I mean playing video games and watching TV.

Of course, all their friends are jealous.  They skype each other every afternoon and I hear them saying "You're SOOOO lucky you don't have school!!!!" “I am SSSOOOOOOO jealous!”

Meanwhile I contemplate the suicide options available to me with a vegetable peeler.

Why would any school system need to give three weeks off for any vacation?   I swear, by the time they go back to school, they’ll have forgotten how to count to 10.

At one point I tried to make the most out of their vacation time.  We had trips to the zoo, lots of playdates, a day at “color me Mine.”   I’ve made them play with their Legos, their old wooden blocks, every present they got for the holidays – at least once - and an old game of “Kerplunk” I found at the bottom of my daughter’s closet when I cleaned it (one of the few perks of vacation time).  But I’ve got nothing left.   I’m out of ideas, closets to clean, and patience.

So the TV's on, I've encouraged excessive Club Penguin usage and I locked myself in my room. I can hear them fighting over the remote from here.   It's going to be a long week.

Don’t worry.   I left the vegetable peeler in the kitchen.

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