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Monday, January 24, 2011

Quality Time for Stuffed Animals?

There's a dog bed next to my bed.  This would be totally acceptable...if I owned a dog.

Livi has decided that every night I need to sleep with a different stuffed animal so that I can "fill it with love."  I have become the equivalent of a "love gas station."

She's actually been doing this for a while.  But it wasn't until recently that she installed the dog bed next to mine.  Before she would just hand me the stuffed animal and make sure it was somewhere in the bed that would take up the most  space a stuffed animal could possibly occupy.  Then one morning she found the stuffed animal she had ordered us to "fill with love' on the floor.

She was not happy.

When Livi isn't's not good.

Then I felt badly.  I wasn't trying to "diss" her stuffed animal.  I was happy to fill it with love - I just don't see why I have to share my bed with a dusty stuffed animal EVERY NIGHT - ALL NIGHT - when I don't even like sharing my bed with the man I love.  I am a very selfish sleeper.  And I take up a lot of space.  Livi doesn't seem to understand this.  But when she saw Love Frog on the floor she decided that she should make a bed a bed for stuffed animals that would be in close proximity to mine.  Notice how the pillow is right up against my bed so that it enjoys maximum closeness - the optimum closeness for extracting my love.  Unfortunately, the pillow is huge, and I trip over it every time I get up to pee. Turns out, this is just as irritating as having it in the bed.

I'm wondering if I could quell Livi's  want for her animals to be filled with love by scheduling a little "Quality Time" with each one;  Love Frog gets 10 minutes after dinner.  Bumble the Snow Nonster gets 10 minutes before the bath...

Yeah.  That's what I need.  To find time in my day to have a little QT with some poly-filled land mines.

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