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Sunday, February 20, 2011

Piggy Update

So you'll be relieved to know that after a week of what we're referring to now as "Poop Watch 2011," our beloved guinea pig, Leo, seems to be on the rebound! 

 After a week of hand-feeding Leo liquid hay (you heard me...and need to mix it yourself) via syringe four times a day, (this is me trying to squirt the goop into his mouth - notice the thought bubble over his head saying "I hate you, I hate you, I hate you...")... him five different medicines three times daily in tiny syringes made for Heroin Addict Barbie...

(This is what he's taking...seriously, when you put it all together, his pile of medication is bigger than he is!)

(This is Leo hiding his nose in my hand so I won't shove anymore crap-in-a-syringe in his mouth...notice the thought bubble "I'll get you for soon as I can chew again..." )

 ...and hand-chopping bowl after bowl of apples and parsley salad so small you could serve it to an American Girl doll, (which I do because I feel so badly he's eating liquid hay...)

...Leo is finally gaining weight, eating on his own, and pooping regularly!  YAY! (He however is saying "...this is so humiliating...")  We are so relieved!  (Milo is less so.  She was measuring out his wooden hut for her hay bed...)

He looks like he's puttin' a little Junk back in his Trunk, but we'll know more on Wednesday when we see the Vet.

We'll keep you posted!

(Guinea Pig care, sick guinea pig, caring for a pet, caring for a sick pet...)

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